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"Jeremiah is a 42-year-old former US Army soldier and Iraqi war veteran ('04-'05). After leaving military service, he worked as a Computer Network Security Expert for the US Missile Defense Agency. In 2013, he left his lucrative career and relocated his wife & two children to pursue ministry in Belize as an entrepreneur. Jeremiah is passionate about Jesus and sharing the Good News with others by living out the Great Commission in everyday life."



I thought I'd note (for anyone who might be wondering, which I grant might be no one) that I'm not against property dualism. It's just that I'm not currently persuaded that it fits well with a naturalistic worldview. (It may do, so maybe someone could help me with that.) It seems to me rather "convenient" that certain types of complexity (such as the human brain) should actualise a potential for consciousness already latent in the stuff of the universe. Why should that be the case? On naturalism, it seems to me that we should have to say, "Well that's just the way it is", which, to my mind, would leave unexplained why the universe somehow "knew" that we were going to turn up some day. From a theistic perspective, however, this would make more sense (to me at any rate), because that would allow us to understand such a latent property as intended to become active in connection with specific froms of complexity as part of a universal design plan. (And that—to return to the subject discussed in the interview—would leave doubtful that AI would ever meet the specific requirements of that intention.)


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