Thomas N Seyfried"These tumour cells don't know what hit them; they're struggling for their own existence."—Thomas N Seyfried

We are joined by Professor Thomas N Seyfried, PhD—Professor of Biology at Boston College, Massachusetts, US—for an extended interview on his groundbreaking work into Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.

In Professor Seyfried's view, cancer is best understood as a metabolic disease centred in mitochondrial dysfunction rather than primarily as a genetic disease (although, of course, genetic predispositon plays its part). This unconventional, but well-evidenced, concept promises to open the door to non-toxic cancer therapies using repurposed drugs in targeted ways (either instead of, or in addition to, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) in conjunction with ketogenic dietary strategies.

(Professor Seyfried, who in 2012 published the groundbreaking work entitled Cancer as a Metabolic Disease : On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer, (Wiley : 2012),  holds a PhD from the University of Illinois (1976), has a long and distinguished research record in areas such as Gene-Environmental Interactions, Lipid Biochemistry, Neurodegeneration, Ganglioside Storage Diseases, Epilepsy, Cancer, Metabolism, Brain Tumours, Autism, Ketogenic Diets, Dietary Energy Restriction, and currently serves as Professor of Biology at Boston College. In addition to having received numerous lifetime achievement awards for his work, he is also on the boards of several journals in the areas of his expertise.)

Please note: Nothing in this conversation should be understood as personal medical advice. It is all for information purposes only. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, lifestyle, or medications.

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