GregoryColes"I promise to tell you my story. The whole story."—Greg Coles

We are joined by Gregory Coles, author of the elegant, yet challenging and thought-provoking, book Single, Gay, Christian, published by InterVarsity Press. To give an idea of the book, and thus the conversation, I can do no better than quote DA Carson (one of my heroes of biblical scholarship) who wrote this for the blurb:

"To say this book is important is a painful understatement. It is the candid, moving, intensely personal story of a gay young man who wants to live his life under the authority of King Jesus and who refuses to accept the comforting answers proffered by different parts of the culture. Superbly written, this book stands athwart the shibboleths of our day and reminds us what submission to King Jesus looks like, what it feels like. This book needs to be thoughtfully read by straight people and by gay people, by unbelievers and by Christians. It is not to be read with a condescending smirk, but with humility."—Don Carson

Gregory Coles is co-author of Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal" Author Quest, a collection of short stories. He is a PhD student, part-time English instructor at Penn State University, and a worship leader in his church.

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