NephilimBoysOneGalRevolutions smWould you eat a "maggot bag" with a Nazi spoon? Is my antique chandelier secretly in love with Blum Jeffgold? Will Frank Johnson kickstart enough cash to research dinosaurs inside the doughnut Earth? And is it safe to fly a Rhodes-scholar-designed-wheelless-African-fixed-up-Russian helicopter with automagic pilot?

These, and other important questions, are answered as we kick off 2019 here at TMR in a friendly, entertaining (and sometimes borderline crazy) rounddiv chat with high-ranking members of The Fireside Nephilim Boys, a secret society affiliated to The Mind Renewed, Like Flint Radio and The Iron Show, which this year celebrates its very first female initiate.

Join us—Garth Kennedy, Andie Tyd and Crusy (all of Like Flint Radio), Mark Campbell (a.k.a. Campbell Adams and Ed Balsam-Clamp), Frank Johnson (of Spiderman hoodie fame), Jeff Bankens (strongman), the irrepressible Johnny Iron (of the Iron Show), Jeff Goldblum's Laugh and Yours Truly—as we put aside the cares of this world for two short hours and share items from the news in 2018 that tickled our chuckle organs.

Be there, or be square!

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