A Christian ThinktankGlenn Miller responds to people's hard questions about faith, the Bible and God: “Questions you always wanted to ask at Church, but knew you would get suspicious looks if you did.”


NakedBibleDr. Michael Heiser's fascinating podcast stripping biblical texts bare of denominational confessions and theological systems by examining the content of the Bible.


RF150x150Dr. William Lane Craig's in-depth website for "an intelligent, articulate, and uncompromising yet gracious Christian perspective on the most important issues concerning the truth of the Christian faith today."


ShaefferA large collection of lecture recordings of theologian and philosoper Dr. Francis Schaeffer hosted by the L'Abri Ideas Library.


ShaefferToby Young's "The Daily Sceptic" (formerly "Lockdown Sceptics"), highly recommended for a sane take on all things COVID, Climate and Woke.


ShaefferDr Bret Weinstein's and Dr Heather Heying's superb DarkHorse Podcast, which (despite its all-embracing evolutionism) brilliantly analyses the manifold madnesses of this COVID Era. [I generously make my excellent image of a horse—yes, it is a horse!—available under the following licence (CC BY-NC 4.0)]


ShaefferDr Chris Martenson's essential PeakProsperity providing "insights for prospering as our world changes". [I also generously make my superb image of a tree available under the following licence (CC BY-NC 4.0)]


Brian Auten's Christian educational "resources for the defence of the Christian faith, with the goal of strengthening the faith of believers and engaging the questions and challenges of other worldviews."


unbelievableJustin Brierley's show on UK's Premier Christian Radio engaging in "fundamental questions on Christianity" and "openly discussing different opinions between Christians and non-believers."


BethinkingUCCF's (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship) bethinking.org providing talks and articles to stimulate thought about the Christian faith, the world and culture.


FZForthZando : Dissent and Delight. The website of Yorkshire-born journalist and writer John Booth. (John joined us in 2016 to discuss his article, "15 Years on from 9/11".)


VeraxInstitutDirected by theologian Dr. Martin Erdmann, the Verax Institute offers biblical instruction & contemporary theological research into matters relating to Human Salvation in the modern world.


LogoEx-professional astrologer Marcia Montenegro, ministering to those involved in the New Age, the Occult and Eastern belief systems with the love and truth of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:15-16).


RRN blueRevelations Radio Network is a group of Christian Podcasts hosted by a wide variety of Christians, all focused on topics aimed at helping people in their walk with Christ.


LFRLike Flint Radio—the successor to Future Quake Southern Hemisphere—examining historical and current paradigms from theological and philosophical perspectives.


TSNsmTrialSiteNews—"Founded by a team of experts in the clinical trials industry... not funded by the pharmaceutical industry... free to publish news and information we believe will benefit our readers, patients and the industry at large."


RPLRRon Paul Liberty Report with former US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and co-host Daniel McAdams.



CaitlinJohnstoneChallenging journalism from the brilliant Caitlin Johnstone: "Rogue journalist. Bogan socialist. Anarcho-psychonaut. Guerilla poet. Utopia prepper."


CraigMurrayEssential reading by author, broadcaster and human rights activist Craig Murray—former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan (2002 - 2004) and Rector of the University of Dundee (2007 - 2010).


James Corbett's incisive alternative news website about "current events and suppressed history from an independent perspective."


EdCurtin smBlog of sociologist and activist Edward Curtin, writing on various topics "as a public intellectual for the general public, not as a specialist for a narrow readership."


TNTPatrick M. Wood's Technocracy News & Trends for all the latest updates on the international drift towards Technocracy.


LDThe Land Destroyer Report maintained by Tony Cartalucci, an independent American geopolitical analyst based in Thailand.


EmpireBurlesqueEmpire Burlesque : High Crimes and Low Comedy in the American Imperium by award-winning American journalist Chris Floyd.


Revelations Radio NewsRevelations Radio News by Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman, casting a sceptical, humorous, biblical and (not infrequently) sarcastic eye over mass-media news and government propaganda.


Architects & Engineers for 911 TruthArchitects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, founded by Richard Gage AIA, researching the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11, 2001, and calling for an open and independent investigation."


911 Blogger An informative blog covering mainly 9/11-related news, but also other "similar events in recent, and not-so-recent history, like the OKC bombing, the 1993 WTC bombing, and the assassinations of high-profile figures in the 1960s."


ID The FutureThe ID The Future podcast providing "listeners with the most current news and views on evolution and intelligent design through brief interviews with key scientists and scholars developing the theory of ID."


WUWTWatts Up With That? Former TV meteorologist Anthony Watts' sceptical perspective on "anthropogenic climate change".


JeniferThyssenThe talented soprano Jenifer Thyssen, specialist in Early Music performance (and long-time listener to TMR!). Her debut solo CD is “Dusk is Drawn”, available via Apple Music and Amazon.


BorF Mark Campbell's essential "Bowler of Fez film Reviews". Will he give a bowler? Or a fez?



YarndlingPipe The Yarndling Channel on YouTube. Watch historic documentaries on the ancient art (or craft, or sport) of Yarndling.



JJheartU Singer, performance artist and activist John (JJ) Jones. "Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth may cause you to laugh, uncontrollably."


THREETHIRD makes nice shirts for nice people, made from equal parts cognitive dissonance, humour, indignation, compassion and cotton.


DissidentProphetThe great UK indie rock band Dissident Prophet making "music with a message for ears that hear."




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