Movies-icon-48Alvin Plantinga on God, Reason & Richard Dawkins


Professor Alvin Plantinga (University of Notre Dame) is a leading American philosopher, especially well-known for his work in the philosophy of religion. Plantinga is one of the key reasons why we are experiencing a renaissance of interest in a philosophical defence of Christianity. His argument, made in the 1970s, that established that there is no logical inconsistency in believing in an all-powerful loving God despite the reality of suffering, was something of a turning point in Philosophy. In this interview at Notre Dame, Simon Smart (of Centre for Public Christianity) talks to Plantinga about God, Richard Dawkins and personal faith. Plantinga provides a summary of his evolutionary argument against Naturalism, as well as giving a personal reflection on the highs and lows of a life of faith.


Part 1 - Reasons for God




Part 2 - Where Richard Dawkins Goes Wrong




Part 3 - Sure Faith without Proof





Part 4 - Is God Good?







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