I did want to get the next podcast out by this weekend (25/26 March), but that's not looking likely now. A flurry of (very minor but time-consuming) medical appointments for various family members has eaten into my editing time, so it's looking like it'll be coming out next week instead—hopefully during the week sometime. The podcast is recorded—Roundtable #13 on the superb German language film "Downfall" about the last days of Hitler in his Berlin Bunker (or were they the last days? Probably, but...)—but as usual it's taking a lot of time to edit it down into a maximally listenable form. I'll get there. Thanks for your patience, as always.


Results from TMR survey


Format: Everyone who responded said that they particularly appreciate the interviews (and other types of one-to-one conversation) and asked that these remain at the core of TMR's programming. They also generally prefer in-depth conversations.

Subjects: The majority of respondents are happy with the types of subjects covered on the podcast. (Some aren't keen on subjects that are specifically Christian, while others aren't keen on subjects that are not specifically Christian. Given that this mix is central to TMR's philosophy, such difference of opinion is only to be expected.)

Frequency: Very few asked for the podcasts to be posted at any regular interval (such as weekly or fortnightly), but instead stressed the importance of quality over quantity.

Conclusion: I shall therefore continue in much the same way, but prioritise the in-depth conversations, even though that may impact the frequency with which I post podcasts.

Many thanks to those who contributed.


Current Programme

Andy Jennings"I think Jesus wants us to have a paradigm where we notice His truth and His beauty everywhere."—Andy Jennings

We welcome back to the programme Andy Jennings—the brilliant singer-songwriter of the Christian indie band Dissident Prophet—for a wide-ranging conversation as part of the ongoing series here at TMR called: "Following Christ in the New Old Normal."

In the first conversation, with Rev Phill Sacre, we discussed "awakeness" in the church and beyond. In the second, Pastor Stephen Buckley shared his perspective on the covid era, interpreting the response of so many churches in terms of God's constructive judgement upon the churches themselves. In the third, Jeremiah Allen explained his conviction that only with the Fruit of the Spirit will Christians successfully navigate the troubled waters of the days ahead. And in this fourth, wide-ranging conversation, Andy Jennings shares with us how a change of theological focus, plus a brush with death, helped prepare him for specific challenges during the covid era, and how choosing to see God in all things can transform our lives and position us positively in Christ to face the days to come.

Other arrangements are in the pipeline. I am currently working on the following three projects: a roundtable on the brilliant German film Downfall; an interview in the area of philosophy/theology of mind; an interview on the philosophy of miracle. I shall share more details when I have definite arrangements.

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