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We shall be joined for a second time by spiritual counsellor and radio host Laura Maxwell, who joined us in 2017 to share her dramatic testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ after having once been involved in Luciferian spiritualism.

Our next conversation will centre in the disturbing claims by some that they have—or have had—sexual encounters with "ghosts" or spirit beings, and the popularisation of such unhealthy and potentially damaging ideas in both the mainstream media and online.






We shall be joined once again by the lawyer and university lecturer Adeyinka Makinde for a conversation centred in his excellent article, "Russia and Britain : An Enduring but Fruitless Rivalry", which was recently published at Global Research and especially recommended by the Director of Global Research, Prof. Michel Chossudovsky.

"The ongoing crisis between Britain and the Russian Federation over the poisoning of a former GRU colonel on British soil is the latest episode in what for a number of years has effectively been a ‘Cold War’ between Russia on the one hand, and the Western alliance nations comprised of NATO and the European Union on the other. It is important, nonetheless, to note that friction and dissonance between Russia and Britain has been an enduring one spanning the centuries. It is a rivalry that has been predicated on cultural differences, ideological antagonism and imperial ambition."—Makinde





It shall be our pleasure to welcome to the programme the inimitable Johnny Iron of the equally inimitable online shows IRON SHOW and IRON SHOW LIVE, for an in-depth and scholarly conversation about podcasting, noise, laughter, Christian thrash metal and Claude Debussy's La fille aux cheveux de lin (The girl with the flaxen hair).

"Johnny McMahon started podcasting under the name "Longshoreman Johnny", the official mascot of Futurequake.  He then began the IRON SHOW with co-host Ric White in 2009, reaching out to the bad boys and girls. Johnny then branched out with other shows, such as ARMED WITH IRON, Third Watch, and finally IRON SHOW LIVE.  Johnny is also the owner of Fringe Radio Network along with Rabbi Michael Bugg."—John McMahon





We shall be joined by Andie Tyd of Like Flint Radio for a conversation on the political situation in Zimbabwe, looking at the history of that troubled country, the recent resignation of its long-time President Robert Mugabe, and the curious case of its former First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

"Andie, now retired from LFR duties, presently works in the political field and is also a freelance graphic designer. Though a native of Zimbabwe, she now lives in South Africa’s beautifully multicultural and richly diverse ‘mother city’, Cape Town. Andie and D-Dutch were the original co-hosts of FutureQuake South Africa."—LFR






We shall welcome back to the programme Mike Hopkins, co-host of Fight the Lies Radio, who joined us back in 2016 to share his and his wife's experience of leaving a NAR ("New Apostolic Reformation") congregation.

Our second conversation will centre in questions relating to the Christian believer and "conspiracy theories". Is it wrong—as some suggest—for the Christian to believe in "conspiracy theories" (CTs)?

But what does such a suggestion mean? Beyond individual cases in which it might be pastorally advisable for someone to refrain from certain activities, what is it about believing in a CT that is especially problematic? What are CTs? Are they essentially different from other kinds of belief? Indeed, is it even morally acceptable to advise someone to suppress a justified (true) belief? These and many other related questions we shall explore.

"Mike Hopkins was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, in the USA. In 2005, he accepted Messiah Yeshua. He has a thirst for truth and for bringing that truth to all who are willing to hear. He and his wife Kelli host their own podcasts at Fight The Lies Network. Mike currently works in the tech industry. He currently lives in Virginia Beach with his wife and Kayla, their Boston Terrier."


May God bless you, and thanks for listening,



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