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DrTimBallBy popular demand, we welcome back Dr. Tim Ball—a "retired" lecturer in geography and historical climatology at the University of Winnipeg, and now perhaps the most entertaining and informative after-dinner speaker on the planet—for a second conversation on his "new adages for the technocratic era".

During the last conversation, Dr. Ball said that maybe we would need a second programme to cover his adages adequately. Many listeners picked up on that, and asked me to invite him back for a second chat. So I did, and here it is—another fun, wide-ranging and provocative conversation.

"Adages are proverbs, or short memorable statements, expressing a general truth, usually based on experience. Many have no relevance to the modern world, such as "Don’t look a Gift Horse in the mouth", but many are still useful: “Where there is smoke there is fire.” What we need are new adages for the modern technocratic age."--Tim Ball, "New Adages for the Technocratic Era".

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We shall welcome again the Yorkshire-born journalist, educator, photographer and political activist John Booth—who joined us in 2016 to discuss his excellent article, "Fifteen Years on from 9/11"—for a conversation on the alleged suicide of British weapons expert Dr. David Kelly.

John Booth—whose career in journalism has included working for news organisations in Africa, the US and the UK—currently writes for Lobster magazine ( and LAFZ (the magazine for Pakistani diaspora — He is also a founder member of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.





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I am delighted to say that we shall almost certainly be joined again by the Nephilim Boys (and one girl) for our annual New Year's Eve party here at TMR. Although the guest list is not absolutely finalised, we shall probably be sharing a glass of champagne and welcoming in 2019 with Garth Kennedy, Andie Tyd and Crusy (all of Like Flint Radio), Mark Campbell (a.k.a. Campbell Adams and Ed Balsam-Clamp), Frank Johnson (of Spiderman hoodie fame), Jeff Bankens (strongman), and maybe even the irrepressible John McMahon (a.k.a. Johhny Iron) of the Iron Show.

Be there, or be square.

(The picture is for illustration only. As I say, the guest list is not yet finalised.)




Early in the New Year we hope to be joined again by Patrick M. Wood, Editor-in-Chief of Technocracy News and Trends—who has spoken on TMR several times before—for a conversation on his latest book, Technocracy : The Hard Road to World Order, published November 2018.

"Technocracy is like a cancer invading America with relentless pursuit. Things like Smart Cities, mass surveillance, regionalization, public-private partnerships and Fintech are disrupting every community in all 50 states. For us, it’s a hard road and this book will tell you why and what you can still do about it."—Patrick M. Wood




May God bless you, and thanks for listening,



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