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I'm very glad to report that the upgrade to SSL certificate and website security have been successful.

The only downside is that I've had to replace a few of the plugins that controlled the main menu, slideshow and news display, which means that the website doesn't look quite as tidy as it did before. Unfortunately, those plugins refused to render some of their components via "https", instead preferring "http", which meant that the pages on which they were active were rated as not fully secure secure. Therefore, I had to change them.

Another issue—but not at all important—is that certain show notes pages are rated as not fully secure. Yet the only difference is that on those pages I have Amazon links with some extra code to identify TMR as the referrer. So, in reality, those links are as secure as Amazon is secure.

Blessings, Julian.


  Current Programme  



We are joined by Jeff "TRex" Bankens—a Christian minister and performing Strongman who has five World Records to his name—for a conversation on his experience of coming to faith in Jesus Christ and his unique ministry of combining world-class feats of strength with preaching the Gospel.

Although TRex—who lives in Westlake, Louisiana—doesn't take part in "World’s Strongest Man"-type events, he does perform strength demonstrations that evoke the olden-days Strongmen such as Dennis Rogers, The Mighty Atom, WA Pullum, Eugene Sandow and Louis Cyr. After growing up in a broken home and living a life of addiction and dissipation, TRex was converted to faith in Jesus Christ and now testifies to the life-changing power of Christ to audiences of all ages. He also uses his unique performance skills to encourage children to be the best persons and students they can be, and is planning to expand into prison ministry in 2018.


  Upcoming Programmes  


AndreasKostenberger temp

We shall be joined by Dr. Andreas J. Köstenberger, Senior Research Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology and Director of Ph.D. Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, for a discussion on the important book he co-authored with Dr. Michael J. Kruger, The Heresy of Orthodoxy.

Subtitled "How contemporary culture's fascination with diversity has reshaped our understanding of early Christianity", The Heresy of Orthodoxy deconstructs the fashionable trend—both in academia and popular culture—to view early Christianity as essentially a diverse collection of irreconcilable theologies, and through historical reasoning cogently argues for the priority of normative Christianity.





We shall be joined by Rob Decker—husband, father, personal trainer and health coach—for a conversation centred in his dramatic testimony of coming to faith in God after a failed suicide attempt.

"My objective is to share the story of my failed suicide attempt that led to a relationship with God. I suffered many years of sadness, anger and confusion, and fed that with drugs, alcohol and bad relationships, but eventually God turned all that into a story of forgiveness, understanding and love. I desire to inspire, encourage and give hope to those who have had similar battles."—Rob Decker






We shall be joined by Andie Tyd of Like Flint Radio for a conversation on the political situation in Zimbabwe, looking at the history of that troubled country, the recent resignation of its long-time President Robert Mugabe, and the curious case of its former First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

"Andie, now retired from LFR duties, presently works in the political field and is also a freelance graphic designer. Though a native of Zimbabwe, she now lives in South Africa’s beautifully multicultural and richly diverse ‘mother city’, Cape Town. Andie and D-Dutch were the original co-hosts of FutureQuake South Africa."—LFR






It shall be our unqualified pleasure to welcome to the programme the inimitable Johnny Iron of the equally inimitable online shows IRON SHOW and IRON SHOW LIVE, for an in-depth and scholarly conversation about podcasting, noise, laughter, Christian thrash metal and Claude Debussy's La fille aux cheveux de lin (The girl with the flaxen hair).

"Johnny McMahon started podcasting under the name "Longshoreman Johnny", the official mascot of Futurequake.  He then began the IRON SHOW with co-host Ric White in 2009, reaching out to the bad boys and girls. Johnny then branched out with other shows, such as ARMED WITH IRON, Third Watch, and finally IRON SHOW LIVE.  Johnny is also the owner of Fringe Radio Network along with Rabbi Michael Bugg."—John McMahon



May God bless you, and thanks for listening,



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