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We are joined by Peter Ford, former UK ambassador to Bahrain (1999-2003) and Syria (2003-2006), for a wide-ranging conversation on propaganda, the UK mainstream media, and Syria.

Speaking from the vantage point of a former ambassador to the country, Peter Ford gives us his general assessment of the conflict in Syria. He also discusses some of his experiences of being interviewed by mainstream news outlets such as the BBC and Sky, and shares with us some of the ways in which he has learned to counter the frequent hostility and fallacious reasoning of his interviewers. We also talk about the nature of propaganda, and explore the idea that religious symbolism remains a potent—although largely hidden—aspect of propaganda in the modern world.


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We shall be joined by Gregory Coles, author of the challenging and thought-provoking book Single, Gay, Christian, published by InterVarsity Press. I can do no better than to quote D. A. Carson:

"To say this book is important is a painful understatement. It is the candid, moving, intensely personal story of a gay young man who wants to live his life under the authority of King Jesus and who refuses to accept the comforting answers proffered by different parts of the culture. Superbly written, this book stands athwart the shibboleths of our day and reminds us what submission to King Jesus looks like, what it feels like. This book needs to be thoughtfully read by straight people and by gay people, by unbelievers and by Christians. It is not to be read with a condescending smirk, but with humility."—Don Carson





We shall welcome once again Professor Edgar Andrews, Emeritus Professor of Materials Science at the University of London, who will join us to discuss his new book, What Is Man? : Adam, Alien or Ape?, due to be published in early July this year.

Prof. Andrews joined us back in 2013 to discuss his previous book, Who Made God? : Searching for a Theory of Everything.

Professor Edgar H. Andrews (BSc, PhD, DSc, FInstP, FIMMM, CEng, CPhys.) is Emeritus Professor of Materials at the University of London and an international expert on the science of large molecules. In 1967 he set up the Department of Materials at Queen Mary College, University of London, and served both as its Head and later as Dean of Engineering. He has published well over 100 scientific research papers and books, together with two Bible commentaries and various works on science and religion and on theology.





We shall welcome again the Yorkshire-born journalist, educator, photographer and political activist John Booth—who joined us in 2016 to discuss his excellent article, "Fifteen Years on from 9/11"—for a conversation on the alleged suicide of British weapons expert Dr. David Kelly.

John Booth—whose career in journalism has included working for news organisations in Africa, the US and the UK—currently writes for Lobster magazine ( and LAFZ (the magazine for Pakistani diaspora — He is also a founder member of the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.






We shall welcome back long-time friend of the show Antony Rotunno for a conversation centred in the documentary by Adam Curtis entitled "Hypernormalisation".




We shall be joined by Andie Tyd of Like Flint Radio for a conversation on the political situation in Zimbabwe, looking at the history of that troubled country, the resignation of its long-time President Robert Mugabe, and the curious case of its former First Lady, Grace Mugabe.

"Andie, now retired from LFR duties, presently works in the political field and is also a freelance graphic designer. Though a native of Zimbabwe, she now lives in South Africa’s beautifully multicultural and richly diverse ‘mother city’, Cape Town. Andie and D-Dutch were the original co-hosts of FutureQuake South Africa."—LFR




May God bless you, and thanks for listening,



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