Hello, I am Julian Charles. Thank you for visiting the support page. Please consider supporting TMR so that its ministry can continue and develop.

Please consider a financial gift to this ministry. There are many costs associated with keeping a work like this going: hosting, domain, registration, TLS certification (website encryption), website security, telephone calls, software, hardware, etc. (Between 2012 and 2017 I shouldered these costs myself, but now, prompted by listeners, I have decided to add donation buttons.) Two options are available.



PayPalVia the PayPal donation button you can make a one-off donation or set up a recurring monthly donation. In each case the amount is set by you. (If you live outside the UK, your gift in UK pounds will be automatically charged to you in your local currency by your credit/debit company.)


lpThe Liberapay donation button allows you to make a recurring donation. The amount is set by you and the time interval can be set as weekly, monthly or yearly. This has the great advantage of allowing micropayments—small regular donations—which, if contributed by many listeners, can add up to more substantial sums. (For example, if just 10% of regular TMR listeners were to pledge as little as $1 per year, that would add up to a yearly donation of over $500.) An added advantage is that, unlike PayPal and Patreon, Liberapay takes no fee from the donation, so every penny donated goes to TMR.


Note on Patreon

A number of listeners have asked why I don't use Patreon. My reasons are two.

First, as I understand it, since Patreon is not designed as a donations platform, Patreon would consider all donations to TMR as "income"—as payment for goods or services—which would mean that TMR would cease to be a non-commercial website. That would place TMR in breach of some Community Commons licences, such as (CC BY-NC), with respect to many resources used at the website.

  Second, again as I understand it, Patreon is required to charge some customers (depending on geographical location) VAT on top of their contribution. (So-called "Value-Added Tax" is 20% here in the UK, which could mean that a listener contributing, say, £10 might receive a bill for £12.) I realise that TMR is missing out because of this decision—Patreon is extremely popular—but it just doesn't seem fair to me. Listeners are making donations, not payments, and it seems wrong in principle that (some) listeners should be charged taxes where taxes are not due.  


Prayer  User48

I would also be grateful for prayer support. (Thank you to those of you who already do.) Please pray for the work here and specifically for this ministry's growth and protection.



Social Media  Add fav48

It hardly needs saying, but if people don't hear about us, they won't know what we do. So please do let others know about TMR through social media, linking to us on your own website, mentioning us when you comment on blogs, and by word-of-mouth, etc.




Online Purchases  Shoppingbag48

Another way of supporting TMR is to use the links on the Book Resources page if you decide to buy books online. Every time you buy a book—or anything else—via those links TMR receives a very small fraction of that sale.



Hearing from You  Email48  Communicate48

You could send an email or voicemail with helpful comments and questions, or use the contact form.



Thank you for considering ways to help. God bless you and thanks for listening,


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