EdgarAndrewsWe welcome back to the programme Prof. Edgar Andrews, Emeritus Professor of Materials Science in the University of London, to discuss his recently-published book, What Is Man? (2018).

In this fascinating follow-up to his earlier book, Who Made God?—which he came on TMR in 2013 to discuss—Professor Andrews turns his attention to the questions of Man's (humanity's) origins and significance in the cosmos. After exploring many of the competing answers offered by atheists and theists alike, Professor Andrews argues that only a biblical, Christian view of Man does justice to both the facts of science and human experience.

Professor Edgar H. Andrews (BSc, PhD, DSc, FInstP, FIMMM, CEng, CPhys.) is Emeritus Professor of Materials in the University of London and an international expert on the science of large molecules. In 1967 he set up the Department of Materials at Queen Mary College, University of London, and served both as its Head and later as Dean of Engineering. He has published well over 100 scientific research papers and books, together with two Bible commentaries and various works on science and religion and on theology.

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