What might it mean to "prep" and "fast" in a world of disruptions?

Over the last year and a half, so many lives have been disrupted, damaged or even ended by the Covid Event—indeed, each of us has been affected to some to degree or other—and many vested interests seem intent on ensuring that the disruptions will continue into the forseeable future. So, how might the believer in God—and specifically the Christian—best react to this situation?

We are joined by Jeremiah Allen, a Christian entrepreneur now living in Belize, who testifies to the ways in which God has used disruptions in his life—military deployment in Iraq, the 2011 Japanese earthquake, and going down the proverbial "rabbit hole" in response to media lies—to bring him closer to Christ and develop within him a desire for Christian ministry. Drawing upon these experiences, Jeremiah encourages us to "live a life of fasting" (which might, or might not, involve fasting!) and "prep" in anticipation of life's disruptions—spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically—while always "leaning on" the One who made us.

"Jeremiah is a 41-year-old former US Army soldier and Iraqi war veteran ('04-'05). After leaving military service, he worked as a Computer Network Security Expert for the US Missile Defense Agency. In 2013, he left his lucrative career and relocated his wife & two children to pursue ministry in Belize as an entrepreneur. Jeremiah is passionate about Jesus and sharing the Good News with others by living out the Great Commission in everyday life."

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