AndyJenningsIn an extended musical interview, Andy Jennings, lead singer and lyricist of the amazing indie rock band Dissident Prophet, joins us for an exploration of the band's music, lyrics and vision, and to share with us his how his search for truth led him to the greatest Truth of all - Jesus Christ.

"Pay no attention to all the connections. Don't join all the dots... too many to mention. Don't follow the money. Eat what you're fed. Keep skipping along while you're singing the song, coz the wicked witch is dead. Don't look - don't look. Don't you know that it's rude to stare? Don't look - don't look. Keep your eyes glued over there now. Get into line and sing it. Get into line and sing along. Pay no attention to all the commotion. Don't look at the man messing with the buttons behind the curtain. Don't ask no questions if you value your soul. Keeping skipping along while you're holding hands on the yellow brick road. Join the revolution against the puppet regime. Join the mass delusion that you're fighting for freedom, when freedom ani't free. Imagine there's no heaven - it's easy if you try. Sing along with John - no hell below, and above us is only sky. Tick all the relevant boxes in all the relevant places. If you're gonna read the Bible, rip out the relevant pages. Don't pull back the curtain - won't like what you find - coz the truth is stranger than fiction. You're better off blind."

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