TMR 309 : Dr Gary Sidley : Nudgers, Nudgers Everywhere

Dr Gary Sidley"We are being furtively nudged, on an unprecedented scale, to obey the doctrines of the world's elite."—Dr Gary Sidley

We welcome to the programme Dr Gary Sidley—a former NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist—for an interview on the UK government's morally questionable use of "nudge" techniques during the Covid Event, the extent to which Nudge Theory is being employed more generally by government, and the serious ethical questions entailed.

(Dr Sidley is a freelance writer, trainer, and blogger, who in 2013 retired as a Professional Lead/Consultant Clinical Psychologist after 33 continuous years in the NHS working in psychiatric nursing and clinical psychology. In early 2020 he became extremely concerned about the government’s response to the ‘coronavirus crisis’, and began writing on the subject at his well-known Coronababble blog. Gary is a member of the Health Advisory & Recovery Team (HART) and the Smile Free campaign to lift all mask mandates. He is currently leading on a research project into the UK’s deployment of behavioural science strategies during the Covid Event, and the ethical implications of the state using these methods on its own people.)

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LISTEN / DOWNLOAD : TMR 309 : Dr Gary Sidley : Nudgers, Nudgers Everywhere

TMR 289 : Dr Paul Greenall : Truth4Parliament

Paul Greenall"Party politics is broken. It's time for independents."—Paul Greenall

We welcome to the programme the psychologist Dr Paul Greenall for an interview on his campaign to stand as an independent candidate for Member of Parliament here in the UK, and on the role of the so-called "pandemic" in shaping his current view of politics at Westminster.

Earlier this year, Paul, who works in the UK National Health Service, was facing the very distinct possibility of job loss—even career termination—because of the UK government's insane threat to make covid-19 injections mandatory for health workers. Thankfully, along with so many tens of thousands of his colleagues, Paul stood his ground and refused to give in to the pressure, a collective resistance which ultimately led to the government backing down on the idea, and an important signal to the vaccinators not to extend their mandates to further sectors of society. As a consequence— his life having been significantly impacted, and his trust in business-as-usual, party politics having evaporated—Paul is now preparing to stand as a truly independent candidate for MP in the local by-election here in West Lancashire, UK.

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TMR 284 : Pastor Stephen Buckley : Weep, Wake & Fear Not

Steve Buckley"He closed your church, and you've fallen asleep the moment you've returned."—Steve Buckley

We welcome to the programme Pastor Stephen Buckley, leader of My King Church in Greater Manchester UK, for an interview as part of the ongoing conversation here at TMR called: "Following Christ in the New Old Normal."

In the first conversation, with Rev Phill Sacre, we discussed the importance of "awakeness" rather than "sleep" in the church and beyond in the post-covid era. In this second conversation (an interview), Pastor Stephen Buckley shares with us his perspective on the last two and a half years, interpreting the response of so many churches in terms of God's constructive judgement upon the churches themselves. As Pastor Buckley explains, this biblical-theological perspective—which sees God as ultimately sovereign over all events—allows us to ask tough questions of ourselves that we might otherwise never ask: What was God saying to us? Where have we gone wrong? And how should we move forward in Christ in the days ahead?

Born on the mission field in Asia, Stephen grew up in a family of teachers and preachers. He has previously been part of church-planting leadership and is presently pastor of My King Church in Greater Manchester where he resides with his wife and three children. Learn more at

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TMR 283 : Dr Piers Robinson : Cock-up or Conspiracy? Understanding COVID-19 as a "Structural Deep Event"

Piers Robinson"The stakes could not be higher, and it has never been more essential to seriously engage with uncomfortable possibilities – even if that means interrogating explanations that move beyond reducing what we are all experiencing to blunder and incompetence."—Dr Piers Robinson

We welcome to the programme Dr Piers Robinson—co-director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies—for an in-depth interview on his recent article: "Cock-up or Conspiracy? Understanding COVID-19 as a ‘Structural Deep Event’ ".

As debate over "The Science" has intensified, increasing numbers of people are coming to question the Covid-19 Event. What best explains the often bizarre, and sometimes frightening, responses by authorities over the last two and a half years? Irrational panic by well-intentioned but incompetent politicians and health experts? Profiteering and power seeking by corporate and political vested interests? Or might we be looking at something more—a "structural deep event"—in which globally powerful actors might have harnessed (or even instigated) the Covid-19 Event in order to drive deep structural changes in society? Arguing that all possible explanations need to remain firmly on the table, Dr Robinson appeals to all thinking people to ask such difficult and uncomfortable questions, because to understand the past and the present is to guard the future and "the stakes could not be higher".

Dr Piers Robinson is a co-director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies and was Chair/Professor in Politics, Society and Political Journalism, University of Sheffield, 2016-2019, Senior Lecturer in International Politics (University of Manchester 2010-2016) and Lecturer in Political Communication (University of Liverpool, 1999-2005). He researches and writes on propaganda, media, international politics and conflict.

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TMR 282 : Following Christ in the New Old Normal (with Rev Phill Sacre & Julian Charles)

PhillSacre&JulianCharlesWe are joined once again by Rev Phill Sacre—an ordained minister in the Church of England and host of the YouTube channel "Sacred Musings"—for an unstructured and thought-provoking conversation on the subject: "Following Christ in the New Old Normal".

Many are saying "it's all over." We can "just move on." Put it all behind us and get back to the "Old Normal." But is any of that wise, or true? Can we really be confident—after two years of mass manipulation, grotesque profiteering and technocractic power grab—that the darkness we witnessed, just months ago, is really "all over"? And would it be right simply to "move on" and forget the lessons of the Covid Era? Indeed, why would we want to relive the exact Old Normal anyway?

Join us as we discuss what it might mean to follow Christ in the "New Old Normal" and how we might live out and encourage "awakeness" rather than "sleep" in the church and beyond.

(Phill is a Christian minister. He is ordained in the Church of England and serves in a parish on the Essex coast. He also runs the online ministries, "Understand the Bible" and "Sacred Musings : Building on Christian Foundations" (on YouTube). His interviews with us can be found here and here.)

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TMR 279 : Dr Colin Alexander : Coronavirus & the British Wartime Propaganda Playbook

Henry Hildebrandt"What we have is a series of images of a pseudo-world, which combine in the mind of the individual to create a worldview detached from actuality."—Colin Alexander

We are joined by Dr Colin Alexander, Senior Lecturer in Political Communications at Nottingham Trent University, for a detailed conversation on the UK government's use of British wartime-style propaganda during (particularly the early days of) the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2020, Dr Alexander published a short video entitled "Coronavirus and the British Wartime Propaganda Playbook"—as part of a series of pieces on propaganda during the pandemic—and it is that presentation which serves as the springboard for our conversation today.

"Dr Colin Alexander is Senior Lecturer in Political Communications within the School of Arts and Humanities. He works in Communication and Society subject team and contributes teaching to the BA Joint Honours Humanities, BA Media Communication and Culture and the MA Media and Globalisation degree programmes."

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TMR 278 : Pastor Henry Hildebrandt : God, Ottawa & the Truckers

Henry Hildebrandt"We cannot trust the system, we cannot trust them with our children, we cannot trust them with our money..."—Henry Hildebrandt

We welcome to the programme the inspirational Pastor Henry Hildebrandt of The Church of God, Ontario, who joins us to discuss the recent Canadian Truckers' Protest and to share with us his extraordinary experience of having been intimately involved with the convoy in Ottawa for three weeks, pastoring, preaching and praying for protesters and police alike.

After explaining what triggered the protest, Pastor Hildebrandt draws upon his "boots-on-the-ground" experience to describe what happened both before and after Justin Trudeau inappropriately invoked the Canadian Emergencies Act. He also shares with us the amazing ways in which God was at work during those few weeks to bring people together in a spirit of fellowship and close co-operation, and spells out the crucial lessons that we all must learn from what he describes as God's victory in that situation.

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TMR 277 : David Charalambous : The Reaching People Project

PhillSacre"We swim in a sea of assumptions we are largely unaware of."—David Charalambous

Do you find that some people are no longer paying attention to facts? Or not listening to reason? Are conversations just getting "shut down" almost before they start?

We are joined by David Charalambous, founder of The Reaching People Project, for a conversation on the aims and objectives of this important new project, and to gain some insights into the ways in which this project might help us all to communicate with people in these increasingly polarised times.

David Charalambous is the founder of Reaching People. He has a background of 25 years consulting to multinational clients, from regular mums and dads, through athletes, to business leaders. His skills, which include NLP, EFT, General Semantics, System Theory, Process Mapping, Dynamics and Communication, have enabled him to build models of communication with which he has had much success in helping people over the years.—(Adapted from Reaching People Project)

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TMR 276 : Cory Zue : Coming Clean

PhillSacre"I think society is pretty lost right now. And maybe, just maybe, my story can set one or two of us on a better path."—Cory Zue

We are joined by the software developer and entrepreneur Cory Zue for a conversation on his now well-known essay, "Coming Clean : My experience of the pandemic in South Africa and the case for a more inclusive conversation about Covid and vaccines".

The essay, which—if you will excuse the pun—quickly "went viral" after it was published on his blog on 4th January 2022, struck a chord with people—not least because it seemed to connect (in broad terms) with the experience of so many, but also because of its balance, its openness and its well-researched nature.

So, join us as we explore Cory's reasoning and personal experience as documented in the essay.

"Hi, I'm Cory. I'm a software developer and entrepreneur. I also write occasionally. These days I mostly work on SaaS Pegasus: the Django SaaS boilerplate. I also made Place Card Me—what I hope is the best way to make printable place cards on the internet. My website originated during a six-month sabbatical I took from my day job where I tried to launch a profitable product. I also write occasionally about building software. Oh, and I'm a one-man open startup. From 2007-2017 I served as CTO of Dimagi and led the team that builds its flagship product: CommCare. I'm now an advisor to the organization."—Cory Zue

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TMR 274 : Voices from The Stand

ASITP“I’m drawing a line in the sand and showing my face for what I believe is right. I’m Standing with the intention to show enough is enough.”—Brady Gunn, Founder of ASITP

As many of you know, each Sunday morning I take part in "A Stand in the Park" in a nearby town here in Lancashire. Over the months I have been attending, I have found the experience very encouraging, not least because it has been great to talk to people who have similar (not identical) concerns about the way the world seems to be going, particularly since the so-called "pandemic".

So, I thought it would be good to share something of that experience with TMR listeners—in the form of an "audio diary" (which I've done before)—just to give a sense of the atmosphere of the Stands and to give an idea of the kinds of conversation that can take place.

So, please do join me—and my gracious friends at the Stand, who kindly agreed to speak for this recording—and consider it an encouragement to check out your local Stand (if there is one) and perhaps make it part of your own Sunday routine.

Oh, and happy Christmas!

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TMR 273 : Propaganda in the COVID Era (with Antony Rotunno & Julian Charles)

Ant&YoursTruly“We do not talk to say something, but to obtain a certain effect.”—Joseph Goebbels

We are joined by our doubleplusgood friend Antony Rotunno for a relaxed, unstructured--and fullwise informative--conversation on "Propaganda in the COVID Era". Rabbit. Custard.

Over the last two years (almost), we have been intimidated, cajoled, guilt-tripped and "nudged" (oh, what a cute word!) by the social engineers of Ingsoc. Where's your mother? Goodthinking behavioural psychologists, bellyfeeling mathematical epidemiologists, newspeaking media propagandists (and many other duckspeaking "ists" besides) have conspired to prod us out of our doubleplusungood ownlives into accepting so-called "non-pharmaceutical interventions" and "safe and effective" novel gene therapies in an ostensible "war" against a non-existentially threatening respiratory virus of dubious origin. Rudolph, can't see you now? Biscuits! Marigold? Fuzz, fuzz, fuzz.

So join us as we attempt to dissect—with some oldthinking help from Jacques Ellul—aspects of the "invisible government" of "experts", "nudgers", "partnerships", "initiatives" and other plusgood organs of Ingsoc's "inverted totalitarian" underbelly.

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TMR 271 : Rev Phill Sacre : COVID & the Churches (Part Two)

PhillSacre"No one has been given or will be required to have a vaccine passport"—Nadhim Zahawi

We are joined once again by Rev Phill Sacre—an ordained minister in the Church of England and host of the YouTube channel "Sacred Musings : Making Sense of the World from a Christian Perspective"—for a second conversation on the theme of "COVID and the Churches".

In the previous conversation—TMR 267 (Part One)—we discussed the relationship between the UK churches (by and large) and the state during the so-called "pandemic", and asked to what extent the churches have been willing to critique (with reference to Scripture) the seemingly endless stream of diktats issuing from government. In this second conversation we venture into more controversial territory and discuss issues relating to the churches and Vaccine Passports, COVID-19 vaccination policy, and the perennial question: Is this the End?

[Please note that nothing said in this interview should be understood as medical advice in any way.]

"Phill is a Christian minister. He is ordained in the Church of England and serves on a part-time basis in a parish on the Essex coast. The remainder of his time he devotes to his online ministries: Understand the Bible and Sacred Musings : Making Sense of the World from a Christian Perspective (on YouTube)."

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TMR 269 : Sophia Rose : A Stand In The Park


“I’m drawing a line in the sand and showing my face for what I believe is right. I’m Standing with the intention to show enough is enough.”—Brady Gunn, Founder

We are joined by Sophia Rose ("FiFi"), the founder of A Stand In The Park (UK), for a conversation on the history and aims of this difficult-to-define, but hugely important, global movement of concerned citizens.

"A Stand in the Park unites people in parks all over the world every Sunday morning, 10 - 11 am local time. We Stand in the Park to celebrate freedom, diversity and fairness for all.

Brady Gunn started A Stand in the Park in Hyde Park, Sydney, Australia. Brady made a Stand, alone at first, for his personal truth. In Brady’s early Facebook videos he talked about making a Stand for freedom—for our elderly, our children, our jobs and small businesses—against lockdowns, harmful new laws, the ‘pandemic’ and the people behind ‘The Great Reset’. Brady invited others to join him and Stand in THEIR personal truth. It took almost three months, but eventually they came.

At the beginning of 2021 he reconnected with his UK-based friend FiFi Rose, and she was profoundly inspired by the message. FiFi worked tirelessly to spread the Stands to every corner of the British Isles. Since then, the concept has well and truly caught fire, and there are now about 1000 parks participating every Sunday morning across Australia, New Zealand, England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, Denmark, Hungary, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Germany, France, Mexico, Canada and the USA."

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TMR 268 : Diny Fielder-van Kleeff : Vaccine Control Group


We are joined by the author Diny Fielder-van Kleeff, co-founder of the Vaccine Control Group—or, more fully, the SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Control Group—for an in-depth interview on the aims and objectives of this intriguiging and potentially highly significant "community cooperative" study.

"The Vaccine Control Group is a worldwide independent long-term study that is seeking to provide a baseline of data from unvaccinated individuals for comparative analysis with the vaccinated population, to evaluate the success of the Covid-19 mass vaccination programme and assist future research projects. This study is not, and will never be, associated with any pharmaceutical enterprise as its impartiality is of paramount importance. The VaxControlGroup is a community cooperative, for the people. All monies raised will be re-invested into the project and its community."—VaxControlGroup

"Diny previously worked as a corporate IT trainer and web designer before leaving to have children. She is currently a home-educating mum to two of her three daughters and a creative writing teacher, author and poet, although most of her writing work has been put on hold due to the commitments of the Control Group."—Diny


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TMR 267 : Rev Phill Sacre : COVID & the Churches (Part One)


"And while I slept, or drank Wittenberg beer with my friends... the Word did everything."—Martin Luther

We welcome to the programme Rev Phill Sacre—an ordained minister in the Church of England and host of the YouTube channel "Phill Sacre : Making Sense of the World from a Christian Perspective"—for a conversation on "COVID and the Churches".

How have most of the UK churches responded to the seemingly endless stream of diktats issuing from government? Have such "rules" been submitted to adequate rational and theological questioning? Or have the churches too often been content simply to toe the line because that has seemed like "the right thing to do"? But has that always been "the right thing to do?"

(See also : TMR 271 : Rev Phill Sacre : COVID & the Churches—Part Two)

"Phill is a Christian minister. He is ordained in the Church of England and serves on a part-time basis in a parish on the Essex coast. The remainder of his time he devotes to his online ministries: "Understand the Bible" and "Sacred Musings : Making Sense of the World from a Christian Perspective" (on YouTube)."

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TMR 265 : The Astonishing Words of Dr Peter McCullough


With the kind permission of investigative author John Leake—who recently joined us on the programmeTMR presents his important interview with the brilliant and courageous Dr Peter A McCullough. In the words of John Leake:

"Dr. Peter McCullough has been the world's most prominent and vocal advocate for early outpatient treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection in order to prevent hospitalization and death. On May 19, 2021, I interviewed him about his efforts as a treating physician and researcher. From his unique vantage point, he has observed and documented a profoundly disturbing policy response to the pandemic—a policy response that may prove to be the greatest malpractice and malfeasance in the history of medicine and public health."

"Dr McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, Dallas, TX USA. Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has 40 peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has commented extensively on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in TheHill and on FOX NEWS Channel. On November 19, 2020, Dr McCullough testified in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and throughout 2021 in the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Colorado General Assembly, and New Hampshire Senate concerning many aspects of the pandemic response."

[The audio included in this podcast is Copyright © 2021 John Leake, all rights reserved, and used here with express permission.]

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TMR 264 : John Leake : Reflections Upon an Extraordinary Conversation


We are joined by the award-winning author John Leake for a conversation about the astonishing interview he conducted in May 2021 with the eminent US physician and academic Dr Peter McCullough.

In that interview, which quickly went viral—and which features in the next podcast (TMR 265)—Dr McCullough tells his own story of pursuing early COVID-19 treatment for the sake of patients, describes the resistance by powerful institutions, and shares his deep concerns about COVID-19 vaccine safety in the context of continuing moves to push mandatory (or de facto mandatory) COVID-19 vaccination.

In this conversation, John Leake explains why he conducted the interview, and shares with us his views as to how Dr McCullough's powerful words fit into the story of COVID-19 which John has been researching since March 2020 in his capacity as an investigative author.

"Born in Dallas, Texas, John Leake studied history and philosophy with Sir Roger Scruton at Boston University. After moving to Austria on a graduate scholarship, he remained in Vienna for over a decade working as a freelance writer and translator. His first book, Entering Hades: The Double Life of a Serial Killer, was a New York Times Sunday Book Review "Editors' Choice," a Men's Vogue "Best Book of 2007," and the inspiration for The Infernal Comedy, starring John Malkovich. His second book, Cold a Long Time: An Alpine Mystery, won the 2012 Independent Publisher Award, and the German translation, Eiskalter Tod, received extensive media coverage in Austria and became a bestseller. His investigative work for the Jack Unterweger, Duncan MacPherson, and Angelika Foeger stories has been the subject of numerous television documentaries produced by A&E Biography, Discovery, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Fifth Estate," and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation's "Am Schauplatz Gericht."

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TMR 263 : Jeremiah Allen : On Disruptions & Preparations


What might it mean to "prep" and "fast" in a world of disruptions?

Over the last year and a half, so many lives have been disrupted, damaged or even ended by the Covid Event—indeed, each of us has been affected to some to degree or other—and many vested interests seem intent on ensuring that the disruptions will continue into the forseeable future. So, how might the believer in God—and specifically the Christian—best react to this situation?

We are joined by Jeremiah Allen, a Christian entrepreneur now living in Belize, who testifies to the ways in which God has used disruptions in his life—military deployment in Iraq, the 2011 Japanese earthquake, and going down the proverbial "rabbit hole" in response to media lies—to bring him closer to Christ and develop within him a desire for Christian ministry. Drawing upon these experiences, Jeremiah encourages us to "live a life of fasting" (which might, or might not, involve fasting!) and "prep" in anticipation of life's disruptions—spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically—while always "leaning on" the One who made us.

"Jeremiah is a 41-year-old former US Army soldier and Iraqi war veteran ('04-'05). After leaving military service, he worked as a Computer Network Security Expert for the US Missile Defense Agency. In 2013, he left his lucrative career and relocated his wife & two children to pursue ministry in Belize as an entrepreneur. Jeremiah is passionate about Jesus and sharing the Good News with others by living out the Great Commission in everyday life."

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TMR 262 : Dr Pierre Kory On Early COVID Treatment, Big Science & Disinfo

DrPierreKory"Look at where the money's coming from. Now the money has strings attached. People give the WHO money, but they say: 'We want you to do this, or study that, and we want you to use our consultants and our experts and our scientists.' Many of them come from Pharma. Pharma has pretty much completely infiltrated this organisation."—Dr Pierre Kory

With the kind permission of the FLCCC Alliance, TMR presents an important and impassioned lecture by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA, who heads up the FLCCC Alliance.

Complementing our December interview with Professor Paul Marik, which explored the role of the effective, well-tolerated and inexpensive drug ivermectin in the fight against COVID-19, in this lecture Dr Kory goes further to deliver a broader message: a message about the ways in which the medical-industrial complex—involving entities such as the so-called World Health Organisation, BigPharma, and national health agencies, medical journals and mainstream media (particularly in the West)—seem to be acting systematically to suppress ivermectin as a treatment for, or prophylaxis against, COVID-19, because it threatens to stand in the way of massive corporate profits.

[The audio included in this podcast is Copyright © 2021 FLCCC Alliance, all rights reserved, and used here with express permission.]

(Download Podcast - HQ 128 kbps)

Read more: TMR 262 : Dr Pierre Kory On Early COVID Treatment, Big Science & Disinfo

TMR 257 : Dr. Mobeen Syed (& Loofy) : Ivermectin Mechanisms of Action


We welcome back to the programme Dr. Mobeen Syed, MD, MS—(and his famous cat, Loofy!)—for an interview on "Ivermectin Mechanisms of Action with Respect to COVID-19". More widely known as "Dr Been", Dr. Syed is CEO and founder of Drbeen : Personalized Medical Education and host of the excellent Drbeen Medical Lectures YouTube channel.

Back in December, we were joined by Professor Paul Marik, M.D., who introduced us to the "I-MASK+ Protocol" for COVID-19, central to which is the cheap, plentiful and well-tolerated drug ivermectin—a substance which, in Dr. Marik's opinion, has the potential (when correctly administered by medical doctors) to save countless lives.

But how, in this context, is ivermectin understood to work?

Drawing upon his knowledge and skill as a practising doctor and teacher of medical concepts, Dr. Syed gently leads us through the complex biochemistry—with helpful illustrations—and provides us some insights into the ways by which ivermectin might work in the fight against COVID-19.

[Dr. Syed joined us back in the summer to talk about food supplements and COVID-19.]

(NB: Nothing said in this podcast should be understood as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before taking any medications or making any changes to your diet by way of food supplements.)

(Download Podcast HQ 128 kbps)

TMR 254 : Prof. Paul E. Marik, M.D. : Ivermectin and the I-MASK+ Protocol


We are joined by Professor Paul Marik, M.D., Endowed Professor of Medicine and Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine in the Eastern Virginia Medical School, for an interview on the work of his alliance—Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)—and its ground-breaking treatment protocols for COVID-19.

Best known for its "MATH+" protocol which included an option to use the well-known drug ivermectin, the Alliance has now developed a new protocol, "I-MASK+", that places ivermectin centre stage—a cheap, ubiquitous and well-tolerated drug which, in combination with other treatments and properly administered by medical doctors, has the potential to save countless thousands of lives.

Dr. Marik also shares with us about some of the struggles he and his colleagues have experienced in trying to alert the world to these developments, and laments the ongoing "crimes against humanity" as life-saving treatments are widely ignored due to financial and politicial pressures.

(NB: Nothing said in this podcast should be understood as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before taking any medications.)


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TMR 253 : James Corbett : On The Great Reset


We are joined once again by James Corbett of The Corbett Report for an interview on the so-called "Great Reset", the global technocratic "initiative" that is being openly pushed by the World Economic Forum and its outspoken founder and chairman Klaus Schwab.

WEF: "COVID-19 lockdowns may be gradually easing, but anxiety about the world’s social and economic prospects is only intensifying. There is good reason to worry: a sharp economic downturn has already begun, and we could be facing the worst depression since the 1930s. But, while this outcome is likely, it is not unavoidable.

To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism."

Quotation form the WEF Great Reset website (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

(Download Podcast HQ 128 kbps)

TMR 246 : Dr. Simone Gold : On the Politicisation of HCQ


"What are the odds that the #1, #2, and #3 medical journals in the world independently, but virtually simultaneously, published flawed studies that happened to dovetail with a specific media narrative?"—Simone Gold, MD

We welcome to the programme Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD—an emergency physician and lawyer based in Los Angeles—for an in-depth conversation on the subject of the politicisation of hydroxychloroquine. Dr. Gold's blog—The Gold Opinion : Facts Lead, Opinions Follow - Five Minutes with a Doctor-Lawyer - Conventional Wisdom Debunked—can be found at

"Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM, is a board certified emergency physician. She graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate degree. She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. Dr. Gold worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the Labor & Human Resources Committee. She works as an emergency physician on the frontlines whether or not there is a pandemic. Her clinical work serves all Americans: from urban-inner city, to suburban, to the IHS. Her legal work has focused on conflicts between hospitals and insurers. She writes on a number of policy issues relating to law and medicine. She always leads with the facts."

(NB: Nothing said in this podcast should be understood as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before taking any medications.)

(Download Podcast HQ 128 kbps)

TMR 245 : Dr. Mobeen Syed : Food Supplements & COVID-19


We welcome to the programme Dr. Mobeen Syed, MD, MS—CEO and founder of Drbeen : Personalized Medical Education, and host of the excellent Drbeen Medical Lectures YouTube channel—for an interview on dietary supplements that he believes may prove helpful in the body's resistance to, and/or fight against, COVID-19.

We discuss: Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Quercetin, and N-acetylcysteine (NAC).

Dr. Mobeen also shares with us his experience of prescribing hydroxychloroquine (in conjunction with other substances) for COVID-19, and gives his reaction to "Lancetgate" (the events surrounding the recent deeply-flawed HCQ/CQ study published by The Lancet).

(NB: Nothing said in this podcast should be understood as medical advice. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet by way of food supplements.)

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TMR 242 : Patrick M. Wood : Coronavirus - Technocracy's Coup d'Etat ?


We are joined once again by Patrick M. Wood, Editor-in-Chief of the influential website Technocracy News & Trends (, for a conversation on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and on his contention that the outbreak has been hijacked—in what he terms a "coup d'etat"—by Technocratic elites for the purpose of significantly furthering their long-sought-after "New Economic World Order".

Patrick M. Wood is an author and lecturer who has stud­ied elite globalisation policies since the late 1970s when he partnered with the late Antony C. Sutton to co-author Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II. An economist by education, a financial analyst and writer by profession, and an Amer­ican Constitutionalist by choice, Wood maintains a biblical worldview and has deep historical insights into modern attacks on sovereignty, property rights and personal freedom. A frequent speaker on radio shows around the U.S., Wood's cur­rent work centres in Technocracy, Transhumanism and Scientism, and how these are transforming global economics, politics and religion. As he says, the endgame is scientific dictatorship; we ignore it our peril.

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LISTEN / DOWNLOAD : TMR 242 : Patrick M. Wood : Coronavirus - Technocracy's Coup d'Etat ?



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