FrankCrusyMarkMeHappy New Year from Niburu and the Mariana Trench!

In place of our traditional "Fireside" with "The Nephilim Boys" to see in the New Year, we are joined by a subset of that august secret society—Frank Johnson (of Ancient Aliens Debunked) and Crusy (from Like Flint Radio)—for a conversation on the weird and wonderful subject of "Our Wacky Solar System : Planet X and the Theories that Love Him".

Later in the evening, the party is gate-crashed by an underwater Mark Campbell—whose second cousin's daughter's former best friend's uncle, Campbell Adams, appeared on the show last year to speak about Yarndling—and we end 2017 with that no-expense-spared champagne toast to the New Year as the clock strikes twelve.

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[Planet X, Niburu, Percival Lowell, Nemesis, Tyche, brown dwarf, NASA, Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer, Zecharia Sitchin, Anunnaki, Michael Heiser, Nancy Lieder, Greys, Grays, Gilbert Erickson, Mark Combs, Gill Brouusard, Wormwood, Disney]



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