For this exclusive interview with TMR, we are joined by Dr Malcam B Splead—Head of Snow Studies in the University of Devizes, UK, for an in-depth conversation on the intriguing subject of The Snowosphere, a hitherto much neglected topic in the field of Snow Studies, but one that is quietly gaining attention in the halls of scientific academia.

Under the right conditions, snow simply "falls" to the ground. Or does it? What if this so-called "falling" should turn out to be merely a feature of human perception? What if, contrary to all expectations, this oh-so-familiar phenomenon should best be explained by counterintuitive interactions between the Earth itself and this strange, neglected entity - The Snowosphere?

As Dr Iain Livermore explains:

"Should a scientific consensus on the matter be finally reached, Snowosphere Theory not only promises to revolutionise the discipline of snowology, it may even come to challenge our ideas about gravity, mass and the role of mathematics in the description of empirical observations." (Iain Livermore, ed., "An Introduction to Snow Studies", OUP (2009))

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