As the NATO summit in Newport, Wales enters its second day, amidst relentless accusations in the mainstream media of "Russian aggression", we take a few moments to listen to the words of US Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity. Alarmed at the anti-Russian hysteria sweeping Washington, and the spectre of a new Cold War, U.S. intelligence veterans took the unusual step of sending a memorandum, dated August 30, to German Chancellor Angela Merkel challenging the reliability of claims in the Ukrainian and U.S. media of a Russian "invasion."

The memorandum is signed by William Binney, former Technical Director, World Geopolitical & Military Analysis, NSA; co-founder, SIGINT Automation Research Center (ret.); Larry Johnson, CIA & State Department (ret.); David MacMichael, National Intelligence Council (ret.); Ray McGovern, former US Army infantry/intelligence officer & CIA analyst (ret.); Elizabeth Murray, Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Middle East (ret.); Todd E. Pierce, MAJ, US Army Judge Advocate (Ret.); Coleen Rowley, Division Counsel & Special Agent, FBI (ret.); Ann Wright, Col., US Army (ret.); Foreign Service Officer (resigned).

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