TonyGoslingTony Gosling, investigative radio journalist and ex-BBC reporter, joins us for the fourth interview in the World Government series; this time on the Bilderberg Group. Drawing upon his years of research, Tony traces both the official and unofficial histories of this secretive globalist organisation, and assesses its influence in the modern world. Tony also shares his views on the BBC and mainstream journalism today.

[Martin Bormann, Paul Manning, Prince Bernhard, King George VI, Ian Fleming, Lord Peter Carrington, 1st Airborne Division, 9th SS Panzer Division,10th SS Panzer Division, Hexenkessel, Witches' Cauldron, Major Tony Hibbert, Arnhem Bridge, Heinz Harmel, Robert Kershaw, It Never Snows In September, Market Garden, Oosterbeek, Red House Meeting, Falaise Gap, D-Day, Montgomery, Patton, Nijmegen Bridge, August 1944, September 1944, Cold War, Operation Paperclip, German spies of WWII, Kissinger, Rockefeller]


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