NikiWe are joined this week by Alaskan-based author, researcher and blogger Niki Raapana, whose investigations into the mind-bending philosophy/religion of Communitarianism led her (with her daughter Nordica Friedrich) to pen The Anti-Communitarian Manifesto and 2020 : Our Common Destiny. Niki, who has adopted a traditional life-style in order to "live outside the dialectic", shares with us what triggered her investigations, and how Communitarianism - the favoured tool of globalists - is gradually effecting a dialectical reinterpretation of our world, and preparing us to accept a New World Order.



[Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Hegelian dialectic, Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis, Amitai Etzioni, Ideology of Balancing, The Communitarian Network, Asset-Based Community Development, ABCD, John L. McKnight, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Problem-Oriented Policing, POP, Weed and Seed, Bill Clinton, Common Purpose UK, American Sociological Association, Technocracy, United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, U.S. Bill of Rights, E.U. Constitution, Martin Buber, Bolivian Constitution, Pachamama, Mother Earth Rights, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Rio+20]

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