DrTimBallBy popular demand, we welcome back Dr Tim Ball—a "retired" lecturer in geography and historical climatology at the University of Winnipeg, and now perhaps the most entertaining and informative after-dinner speaker on the planet—for a second conversation on his "new adages for the technocratic era".

During the last conversation, Dr Ball said that maybe we would need a second programme to cover his adages adequately. Many listeners picked up on that, and asked me to invite him back for a second chat. So I did, and here it is—another fun, wide-ranging and provocative conversation.

"Adages are proverbs, or short memorable statements, expressing a general truth, usually based on experience. Many have no relevance to the modern world, such as "Don’t look a Gift Horse in the mouth", but many are still useful: “Where there is smoke there is fire.” What we need are new adages for the modern technocratic age."--Tim Ball

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