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This week we welcome Rev. Dr. Christopher J. H. Wright for a conversation on his newly-published Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit : Growing in Christlikeness, a gem of a book exploring—in straightforward language, yet covering much theological ground—Paul's teaching on how the indwelling of God's Spirit in the believer can free us from both legalism and selfishness by helping us to grow more Christlike in character.

Christopher J. H. Wright (PhD, Cambridge) is International Ministries Director of the Langham Partnership, providing literature, scholarships, and preaching training for pastors in Majority World churches and seminaries. He has written many books including commentaries on Deuteronomy, Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel, The Mission of God, Old Testament Ethics for the People of God, and Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament. An ordained priest in the Church of England, Chris spent five years teaching the Old Testament at Union Biblical Seminary in India, and thirteen years as academic dean and then principal of All Nations Christian College. He was chair of the Lausanne Theology Working Group from 2005-2011 and the chief architect of The Cape Town Commitment from the Third Lausanne Congress, 2010.





We'll be chatting once again with teacher, blogger and free thinker Anthony Rotunno, who has joined us several times in the past for informal conversations on a variety of—for want of a better term—"truth movement"-related issues.

This time we hope to talk about the power of music to reveal political, social and inner truths, by considering two contrasting (yet in some ways complementary) C20th musical traditions: the outward-challenging tradition of the protest song, and the inward-challenging tradition of the musical avant-garde.







We shall be joined by Campbell Adams for an in-depth conversation on the ancient art of yarndling.

Campbell Adams was for many years President of the Ancient Order of Yarndlers in Walberswick, Suffolk, where he lives with his common-law wife and their twelve hairless cats. His books include Looking Through Binoculars at Yarndling (1987), Yarndlers in High Places (1995) and the controversial I Was Forced to Yarndle (2005). He has lectured on yarndling in schools and colleges across the UK and is researching his latest book, entitled Never Too Old to Sing the Yarndling Blues, an overview of yarndling folksongs from mediaeval times until 1967.

Photo: "Campbell Adams pictured with a photograph of his Great-Great-Grandfather Hamlet Kinsey, founder member and head disciplinarian of the West Wickham branch of the Brotherhood of Yarndlers", copyright © 2017 László Nádházy, all rights reserved, used here with kind permission.





We shall be joined by Frank Johnson for a discussion on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens series.

Frank has joined us before on TMR as part of The Fireside Nephilim Boys New Year celebrations 2016 and 2017.

Frank Johnson regularly researches and writes for the Ancient Aliens Debunked blog, run by Chris White. (His more recent posts can be found here:




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We shall be joined by Dr. Robert J. Marks II, Distinguished Professor of Engineering at Baylor University, for a discussion on his forthcoming book Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics. Co-authored with the mathematician and philosopher Dr. William A. Dembski and the software engineer Dr. Winston Ewert, the book applies advances in information theory to current models of evolution and assesses the case for Intelligent Design in nature.

Dr. Marks's eponymous honours include the Zhao-Atlas-Marks (ZAM) time-frequency distribution in the field of signal processing, the Cheung–Marks theorem in Shannon sampling theory and the Papoulis-Marks-Cheung (PMC) approach in multidimensional sampling. He was instrumental in defining the field of computational intelligence, and with his colleagues developed the temporal convolutional neural network, widely used in deep learning. He is also Fellow of the IEEE and the Optical Society of America.

In 2008 Dr. Marks appeared in the documentary movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed starring Ben Stein, and in 2013 he was listed among "The 50 Most Influential Scientists in the World Today" by

A Christian since 1970, Marks served for 17 years as the faculty advisor to the University of Washington's chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ. He is married (42 years) with three children, three grandchildren, two dogs and a stupid horse.





We shall welcome Graham from the excellent FiveRedPears YouTube channel for a discussion on Flat-Earth Theory, or more precisely, for a conversation on his experience of interacting with people inclined towards such ideas and how he goes about arguing against these false arguments through using logic, observation and straightforward geometry.

The FiveRedPears channel—that "somehow ended up being mostly a flat Earth debunking channel" but which (says Graham) may one day "disappear back into the festering, stagnant corner of social media that spawned it"—can be found here. (





C. R. Hiker, author of the book Crossroads (WestBowPress 2016) will join us to share his experience of embarking upon an inter-rail journey of evangelism across nine European countries carrying a message of God’s mercy to the people he met along the way.

Carl, who has been an Evangelical Christian for thirty years and holds a PhD in Educational Science, created the book (with the help of his illustrator, Dave Budish) in the hope of inspiring people to engage in inter-rail, face-to-face evangelism.





Dr. Graeme MacQueen has kindly agreed to join us again to discuss the subject: War as a System. Dr. MacQueen has appeared on TMR twice before, first to talk about his book The 2001 Anthrax Deception, and second to discuss his research into Eyewitness Evidence of Explosions in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Dr. MacQueen received his Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from Harvard University and taught in the Religious Studies Department of McMaster University for 30 years. While at McMaster he became founding Director of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster, after which he helped develop the B.A. program in Peace Studies and oversaw the development of peace-building projects in Sri Lanka, Gaza, Croatia and Afghanistan. He was a member of the organising committee of the Toronto Hearings held on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and is co-editor of The Journal of 9/11 Studies.





At some point Dr. Paul Craig Roberts will join us to discuss his book The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism, published by Clarity Press.

In addition to having held numerous senior academic positions in universities, Dr. Roberts was an associate editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and was appointed by President Reagan as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during Reagan's first term in office, following which he served as a consultant to both the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Dr. Roberts is now the Chairman of The Institute for Political Economy.



May God bless you, and thanks for listening,



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