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DavidGreenockleWe are joined by the pastor and teacher David Greenockle for a discussion on the media-ecological effects of modern communication technology and what these trends might mean for the future of human experience as we are enticed yet further into the "brave new world" of a computer-enhanced vision of Utopia.

"David Greenockle Jr. is a pastor, high school teacher and adjunct professor whose desire is to see people become truly awakened to the world around them. He holds Master’s Degrees in Education (Gratz College, Philadelphia) and Comparative Religion and Hebrew (Hebrew University, Israel). His unique background in his studies and his profession allow him to shed new light and new dimensions into social issues and Biblical themes. He is passionate in using the humanities to better understand the human condition in modern times and to aid people in restoring their true humanity in a world of commerce and distraction.  David lives in the North-East of the United States with his wife and two daughters."


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We shall be joined by Joe Jordan, President and co-founder of CE4 Research Group ( for a discussion on his group's research into claims of Alien Abduction. Neither taking such claims of extraterrestrial activity at face value, nor dismissing them as delusional experiences, the CE4 Research Group has developed an understanding of this phenomenon based on years of collecting and assessing the testimonies of those affected.

"The mission of CE4 Research Group is to share with the world the most powerful evidence known that exposes the Alien entities for who they really are. That evidence is in the testimonies of those who have overcome the experience—the oppression, the bondage, the harassment, the control, the lies, the deception that these entities perpetrate—by calling out in the name and authority of Jesus Christ."





We shall be joined by Jonathan McLatchie, the founder Apologetics Academy, for an interview on the status of Intelligent Design as a scientific project. We also hope to discuss the importance of Christian apologetics in the current intellectual climate, and to examine the trend for some atheists to engage in "Street Epistemology".

Jonathan McLatchie is a Christian writer, speaker and debater with a BSc in forensic biology, Master's degree (M. Res) in evolutionary biology, and a second Master's in medical and molecular bioscience. He is currently a PhD candidate in cell biology. Jonathan is a contributor to various apologetics websites, including,, and He is also a contributor at (the official blog of the Discovery Institute). He is founder of Apologetics Academy, a ministry that aims through weekly online webinars to equip and train people to defend the Christian faith, as well as to assist Christians who are wrestling with doubts. He has been interviewed on many podcasts and radio shows including "Unbelievable?" on Premier Christian Radio, "Line of Fire" radio, "Apologetics315", and has taken part in umpteen moderated debates.

Image: "Design Watch Machine" by Pedro Ribeiro Simões on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); cropped, resized, brightened




It shall be our unqualified pleasure to welcome to the programme the inimitable Johnny Iron of the equally inimitable online shows IRON SHOW and IRON SHOW LIVE, for an in-depth and scholarly conversation about podcasting, noise, laughter, Christian thrash metal and Claude Debussy's La fille aux cheveux de lin (The girl with the flaxen hair).

"Johnny McMahon started podcasting under the name "Longshoreman Johnny", the official mascot of Futurequake.  He then began the IRON SHOW with co-host Ric White in 2009, reaching out to the bad boys and girls. Johnny then branched out with other shows, such as ARMED WITH IRON, Third Watch, and finally IRON SHOW LIVE.  Johnny is also the owner of Fringe Radio Network along with Rabbi Michael Bugg."—John McMahon




FNBReloaded sm

This New Year we shall again be featuring the Fireside Nephilim Boys of Like Flint Radio, who joined us to see in the years 2015/16 ("The Fireside Nephilim Boys on TMR") and 2016/17 ("The Fireside Nephilim Boys Reloaded"). This year ("The Fireside Nephilim Boys Revolutions") we shall again be sharing items in the news (fake or otherwise) that got our respective goats during 2017 and enjoying an expensive bottle of bubbly to welcome in 2018 as the clock strikes twelve.

Quite who shall be turning up is difficult to say, but we'll probably have Andie this year (so maybe we'll have to rename it "The Fireside Nephilim Boys and One Girl Revolutions") and Mark Campbell, whose second cousin's daughter's former best friend's uncle, Campbell Adams, appeared on the show earlier this year to speak about Yarndling. Apart from that, Frank Johnson, Crusy and Cliff Garner look like they're "good to go", but we're still waiting to hear from GK (Garth Kennedy). But whoever ends up gate-crashing the party on the day, I'm sure we'll all have a splendidly jolly time, and begin the New Year in exceedingly good spirits. Be there or be square!



May God bless you, and thanks for listening,



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