Hello, I am Julian Charles. Thank you for visiting the support page. Please consider supporting The Mind Renewed so that my work can continue and develop into the future.




Please consider a financial contribution to this ministry. There are many costs associated with keeping a work like this going: hosting, domain, registration, telephone calls, software, hardware costs, etc. (Between 2012 and 2017 I shouldered these costs myself, but now, prompted by many listeners, I have decided to add a donation button.)

At present, two options are available via the PayPal button, either a one-off donation or a recurring donation, the amount in each case being set by the supporter. (If you are outside the UK, your donation in UK pounds will be automatically charged to you in your local currency by your credit/debit company.)

(Every TMR production remains freely available to all. I am, however, considering making available to those who donate a series of downloadable Zip files containing all the available TMR podcasts 2012 - 2016. Please let me know if this interests you.)




Prayer  User48

I would also be grateful for prayer support. (Thank you to those of you who already do.) Please pray for the work here and specifically for this ministry's growth and protection.




Social Media  Add fav48

It hardly needs saying, but if people don't hear about us, they won't know what we do. So please do let others know about TMR through social media, linking to us on your own website, mentioning us when you comment on blogs, and by word-of-mouth, etc.




Online Purchases  Shoppingbag48

Another way of supporting TMR is to use the links on the Book Resources page if you decide to buy books online. Every time you buy a book—or anything else—via those links TMR receives a very small fraction of that sale.




Hearing from You  Email48  Communicate48

You could send an email or voicemail with helpful comments and questions through the Contact page.




Thank you for considering ways to help. God bless you and thanks for listening,


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