JamesPerloff"The manœuvre which brings an ally into the field is as serviceable as that which wins a great battle."—Churchill *

This week, as part of our false-flag series, we are joined by the author James Perloff for a discussion on the Lusitania, the famous British ocean liner that was sunk by a German submarine in 1915. Was the Lusitania—and the 1198 passengers and crew who perished with her—simply the victim of a German U-boat torpedo attack? Or did the British government deliberately place the Lusitania in jeopardy in order to attract a German attack in the hope of bringing America into WWI?

James Perloff is author of The Shadows of Power (an exposé of the Council on Foreign Relations that has sold over 100,000 copies), Tornado in a Junkyard and The Case Against Darwin (each challenging Darwinian evolution theory), and most recently Truth Is a Lonely Warrior (investigating the dark spiritual forces behind the drive for world government). For nearly three decades he wrote for The New American magazine.

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* Winston Churchill, The World Crisis, 1911-1918, p 294 (Google Books link)



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