"Meet the World's Most Ambitious Satanic Priest", Zinc YouTube Channel (01 March 2017)

You know me. I'm not in the business of sensationalism. (If I was, I'd have A LOT more followers.) So, I'm not about to offer you an over-the-top rant about child sacrifice and Satanic plots to take over the world. But I am bothered by this.

On the face of it, this looks to me like a guy who is essentially trying to make a name for himself by being outrageous: "Hey, here's a good idea. Let's make a weird religion that gives people a buzz for being shocking and different." Sad, but there you go.
But what bothers me—apart from the fact that those who are getting involved are choosing to distance themselves even further from their Creator—is that there are (so he says) some influential people involved. Now, maybe he's just lying about that. (Which wouldn't be a surpise. If you're going to worship Lucifer, a little lie here and there is going to be par for the course.) But if, just perhaps, he's telling the truth on this particular point, that's a very uncomfortable thought, isn't it?
Who are these "public figures"? Do they have any input into my children's education? Does the creativity of these "well-known people" find its way into Hollywood productions and the music industry? Is there anyone involved who is making decisions that will substantially affect the lives of millions of people?
I hope he's lying.
Meet the World's Most Ambitious Satanic Priest
Image: "The Devil is in the Detail" by Tim Green on Flickr (CC BY 2.0); cropped, aspect ratio altered

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